It seems that the Turkish Initus-V system (adopted by Care222) , which was announced on December 20th last year, was actually used in the operating room .
The ultimate goal of Care222 is to prevent nosocomial infections in the medical field as a medical device , but in that sense Turkey seems to be ahead of Japan . * Initas V (Care222) is shining in the upper right . Multiple units are installed so as to surround the operating table .

For more information on the Initus-V system , see the following articles : Scoop A follow-up to the Initus V project by Professor Ayhan Olcay of Turkey! Turkish health authorities are evaluating for “continuous disinfection mode” certification under manned and soon approved? Important Research using 222nm ultraviolet rays is progressing in Turkey. The appearance is completely Care222.

This is the newly released video: (Video link)

Initus-V system (Covid shield) use in the presence of humans in continuous disinfection mode in Ataturk University Operating Room during a neurosurgical operation. Turkey leads Far-UVC use in continuous disinfection mode in surgery . Used in the presence of humans in continuous disinfection mode in the operating room of Ataturk University during neurosurgery . Turkey leads the use of Far-UVC in continuous disinfection mode in surgery .

The Initus-V system uses Care222 as the light source. In combination with protective clothing, it enables continuous irradiation beyond the limits of TLV, and has been approved and put into practical use in. Also, regarding this matter, Professor Ayhan Olcay of Istanbul University Aidin said, ” Hurriyet news paper , a major Turkish newspaper.

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My Lumens’ Artemis far UVC devices equipped with Care222 module have been used to disinfection in occuppied spaces, which help the users keep the air and surface clean.

As one of Ushio’s five global partners, we apply indirect lighting technology in addition to Ushio’s Care222 technology.

1. Customized Solutions—Develop products flexibly according to the different needs of market

2.Ceiling installation, Good match to the environment(no destroy to the impression).

3.Easy to install, and save cost.

4.Use MCPET developed by Furukawa—Indirect lighting Keeps eyes from fatigue, protecting eyes.

Care for you, Safe for you, and Protect you!

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