The University of Dundee is recruiting subjects for clinical trials with Ushio’s Filtered 222nm! Funded by the Department of Health and Social Care, the results will be published in a scientific journal after being presented at an academic conference!

The University of Dundee, Scotland is recruiting subjects for the “Clinical Trials to Establish the Safety of Far-UVC” !

The lead investigator for this study is Professor Sally Ibotson.

Long-time involvement in the development of UK and international guidelines in photodermatology
Chairman of the UK Photodermatology Group
Head of the Scottish Photobiology Service (SPS), a national agency for photosensitive patients

Sally Ibotson, Clinical Director, Scottish Photodynamic Therapy Center: Far-ultraviolet light kills bacteria and viruses, including the corona virus that causes Covid-19 and drug-resistant bacteria on the surface and in the air . Special light bulbs that emit Far-UVC lights can be used to disinfect the air in public places such as shops, cafes, bars and offices.

Starting from the conclusion , he states the purpose and significance of this clinical trial.

“This study has the potential to have a significant impact on the wider application of Far-UVC light for disinfecting air in public places such as shops, cafes, bars and offices . This will be in the future . It can be used as a way to reduce the transmission of Covid-19 and other infectious diseases, but we must do our best to ensure that Far-UVC light is safe against human exposure . Is doing part of this safety assessment by studying the effects of Far-UVC on people’s skin to look for side effects .

This technology is used not only for Covid-19 infections, but also for influenza and tuberculosis. It may also affect other diseases such as, and may also be useful in combating drug-resistant bacteria, but before the widespread deployment of Far-UVC devices was established , we Needs to know more about the safety of Far-UVC, especially the impact of technology on the human body . “

It is almost certain that this experiment will also use a Ushio 222nm lamp in combination with a filter . (The team has published papers in past studies using Ushio 222nm lamps + filters and Care222-like equipment.

Also, this research fund comes from the “British Ministry of Health” , and the research results are just The plan is not limited to reports, but also presentations at academic conferences and publication in academic journals.

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My Lumens’ Artemis far UVC devices equipped with Care222 module have been used to disinfection in occuppied spaces, which help the users keep the air and surface clean.

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