One of the world’s largest photonics solutions providers, Ushio expanded its ultraviolet product line with the Care222® series of filtered 222nm Far UV-C excimer lamp modules for microbial reduction applications. To support the Care222® series, Ushio tested and qualified Intellego’s dosimeter technology to indicate correct and repeatable low dose levels of 222nm radiation provided by Care222 technology. The dosimeters are available for end users and OEMs at

“We are pleased with the opportunities that Ushio has cultivated with the Dose222™ indicators and their interest in expanding the product to their European and Asian markets. This collaboration with Ushio highlights the quality and superiority of Intellego’s technology to expand its use to occupied spaces served by Ushio’s Care222 technology,” says Claes Lindahl, CEO, Intellego Technologies.

The global commercialization of Dose222 dosimeters is expected to expand significantly with the increasing implementation of Ushio’s Care222 technology. It will provide end users a simple and inexpensive way to verify installations and ensure people are safe while expected pathogen reductions are being performed.

“After reviewing the technology, we decided to partner with the industry leader in photochromic technology to co-develop our custom Dose222 Indicator Card to our specifications. Intellego Technologies expertise and proprietary technology of quick check visual indicator cards, combined with Ushio’s expertise in 222nm filtered light generation and detection allowed our companies to form a unique partnership to create a best in class visual dose indicating tool complementing our Care222 product portfolio for our customers,” according to Dr. Holger Claus, VP Technology, Ushio America, Inc.

Know more:

Care222 is a new disinfecting light source that, even though not harmful to the skin or eyes of humans or animals, deactivates bacteria and viruses in the same manner as conventional ultraviolet sanitizers.

Care222 uses an excimer lamp (a mercury-free UV excimer light source produced by Ushio especially for outputting monochromatic ultraviolet with a primary wavelength of 222 nm) in combination with a special optical bandpass filter (200 to 230 nm) which passes only ultraviolet wavelengths that have no harmful effect on people.

Ushio holds exclusive rights to utilization of the key technology, which was patented by Columbia University (New York, NY) in 2012.

My Lumens Artemis Far UVC Disinfection Devices are equipped with Care222 modules(filtered far uvc 222nm technology) developed by Ushio,Japan.

1. Customized Solutions—Develop products flexibly according to the different needs of market

2.Ceiling installation, Good match to the environment(no destroy to the impression).

3.Easy to install, and save cost.

4.Use MCPET developed by Furukawa—Indirect lighting Keeps eyes from fatigue, protecting eyes.

Care for you, Safe for you, and Protect you!

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