The safety of Far UV-C 222 nm has been evaluated by the scientific community and confirmed by US occupational safety and regulatory agencies, but unfiltered products are at risk of exposure to UV-C wavelength UV light. It’s a source of safety concerns. Therefore, Population’s products use patented filtration technology (<2 nm spectral half-width) to protect against harmful wavelength emissions and undergo extensive testing to ensure that.

Since it says that a filter is used, there is no doubt that it is Care222 made by Ushio. (If it’s a 222nm lamp made by another company, it’s a clear patent infringement.)

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My Lumens Far UVC devices will use the Care222 B2 module to develop more products that meet market needs. Continuously disinfecting in occupied space but not harmful to skin and eyes of people, which could be used in dental offices, medical rooms, high-end offices, elevators, hospitals, class rooms, etc.

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