An agreement with Collins Aerospace to incorporate Boeing’s UV expertise into products brings the future of confident travel closer.

A spotlight is now on the Boeing Cabin Environment Team and their innovative research and development using ultraviolet (UV) light. Through a licensing agreement, Collins Aerospace will incorporate years of development of Boeing’s UV light technology into products that could enhance passenger safety during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

This is the latest milestone for the team leading the advancement of the innovative technology. Boeing first demonstrated the company’s UV technology on the ecoDemonstrator in 2019 as the team explored a self-disinfecting lavatory. Teresa King, leader of the Cabin Environment Team, recognized the value of 222 nm UV in particular and was eager to apply the technology in an aircraft.

After winning an industry award for a UV lavatory prototype in 2016, the Product Development Team continued to explore the power of UV rays. They built on research from the Cabin Environment Team on the reduction of disease transmission in air travel. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the mission became urgent.

Recognizing that UV light could be a powerful tool to combat COVID-19, the Boeing team applied years of research on the efficacy, material compatibility and safety of 222 nm UV light to identify addtional opportunities to reduce disease transmission in-flight. 

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