Special UV Light Emitting Can Prevent Transmission of Pathogens in Indoor Air

The use of far UV-C lamps has the potential to kill the virus that causes Covid-19.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — A new study shows a new approach using ultraviolet (UV) light, called far UV -C light , indirectly reduces the transmission of indoor airborne pathogens by more than 98 percent in a year. less than five minutes. The findings bring good news about the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Far UV-C emission rapidly reduces the number of active microbes in indoor air to nearly zero, making indoor air essentially as safe as outdoor air,” said co-author Dr David Brenner, director of the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University’s Vagelos College of Physicians. and Surgeons, reported by Fox News , Tuesday (29/3/2022).

Sunlight does have the same ability, but experts also say prolonged exposure is also harmful to the skin. Therefore, UV-C rays or UV lamps on the wall are an alternative solution.

“Using this technology in locations where people are gathered together indoors can prevent a potential next pandemic,” he said.

A joint study by scientists at Columbia University and in the UK suggests that ceiling-mounted far UV-C lamps can reduce the risk of the next pandemic. This UV-C lamp is effectively able to reduce the transmission of indoor airborne infectious diseases that are known to cause major outbreaks, such as Covid-19 or influenza.

On the other hand, the statement emphasizes that UV-C is a relatively new technology. Although it has been known for years that ultraviolet C (UV-C) light has germicidal properties, its use is largely limited because it can cause sunburn, skin cancer, and harm the eyes, so its use is limited mainly to sterilizing drugs.

Nearly 10 years ago, scientists at Columbia University demonstrated that a different type of UVC light, called far UV-C light, can destroy germs. It is as efficient as conventional UV-C light without harmful side effects, as the shorter wavelength of light does not allow it to penetrate human skin or eye cells, according to the statement.

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