It seems to include standardization of measurements for 222nm excimer lamps , where the importance of filters may be defined.

The 222nm with filter is a Care222 module made by Ushio.

Excimer lamp measurement (Far-UV Tech and Ushio are normalized) Filtered 235nm -340nm region is 0.12%. Non-filtered 235nm -340nm Area is 14%.

The non-filter is Far UV tech , but this company currently uses two types of 222nm lamps , a non-filter lamp made by Eden Park and a Care222 made by Ushio, so it was compared with the one with a Ushio filter. It’s presumed to be an Eden Park lamp.

Attention is that the percentage of harmful wavelengths is specified numerically.

Both lamps have a center wavelength of 222 nm , but the non-filtered lamp contains 14% of the wavelength of 235-340 nm, while the Ushio Care222 with filter has only 0.14%.

It is an overwhelming difference of 100 times or more.

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Currently, the most effective and safe way to fight COVID-19 is far uvc 222nm technology. 

Care222 is a new disinfecting light source(far uvc 222nm technology) that, even though not harmful to the skin or eyes of humans or animals, deactivates bacteria and viruses in the same manner as conventional ultraviolet sanitizers.

It can be installed in a high location, such as on the ceiling, to irradiate its entire surroundings. This makes it possible to deactivate or eliminate a wide variety of viruses and bacteria both in the air and on environmental surfaces. 

Care222 uses an excimer lamp (a mercury-free UV excimer light source produced by Ushio especially for outputting monochromatic ultraviolet with a primary wavelength of 222 nm) in combination with a special optical bandpass filter (200 to 230 nm) which passes only ultraviolet wavelengths that have no harmful effect on people.

Ushio holds exclusive rights to utilization of the key technology, which was patented by Columbia University (New York, NY) in 2012.

My Lumens Artemis Far UVC Disinfection Devices equipped with Care222 module(filtered far uvc 222nm technology) developed by Ushio, Japan.


1. Customized Solutions—Develop products flexibly according to the different needs of market

2.Ceiling installation, Good match to the environment(no destroy to the impression).

3.Easy to install, and save cost.

4.Use MCPET developed by Furukawa—Indirect lighting Keeps eyes from fatigue, protecting eyes.

Care for you, Safe for you, and Protect you!

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