In a world first, Ushio Inc. and the National University Hospital of Singapore have succeeded in bacterial disinfection of pressure ulcer injuries using 222 nm ultraviolet light that is harmless to the human body.

We’re thrilled to announce that Ushio Inc. and the plastic surgery group led by Professor T.C Lim, Head & Senior Consultant, Division of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery at the University Hospital of Singapore, have succeeded in disinfecting wounds of patients using a 222 nm UV irradiation device manufactured by Ushio that does not cause adverse effects on the human body.

The breakthrough truly signifies a game changer for the healthcare industry in terms of potentially lifesaving applications which are created from the development of the new technology.

Potential applications include but are not limited to:
The treatment of infected chronic wounds
Disinfection of surgical sites during surgery
Minimising aerial and contact infections by H1N1 (Bird Flu), SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV, Dengue Fever and the Ebola Virus
Ultraviolet hand disinfection devices
Introduction of sterilising capability into hand-dryers, etc.
Spore fungus and norovirus sterilisation

The new device is realised by narrow band spectrum technology which penetrates and kills bacteria with 222nm radiation using the Ushio KrCI Excimer lamp but is absorbed by the stratum corneum so that it does not reach human cell nuclei at the cellular level or epidermal cells at the tissue level. Furthermore, this technology dramatically reduces biological damage to human cells in comparison with convention UV rays, whilst still providing the disinfecting effect of conventional UV lamps.

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My Lumens Artemis Far UVC Disinfection Devices equipped with Care222 module(filtered far uvc 222nm technology) developed by Ushio, Japan.

Care222 is a new disinfecting light source that, even though not harmful to the skin or eyes of humans or animals, deactivates bacteria and viruses in the same manner as conventional ultraviolet sanitizers.

Does not cause sunburn, skin cancer or cataracts

Ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 222 nm are absorbed by the cornea of ​​the stratum corneum of dead cells, so they do not cause damage such as sunburn, skin cancer, and cataracts.

Virus suppression / sterilization

Ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 222 nm destroy the DNA / RNA structure of viruses and cells, and suppress and sterilize them.

A key advantage of the UV-based approach is that UV light is likely to be effective against all airborne microorganisms, in marked contrast to vaccination methods. For example, while the inactivation efficiency of UV light will almost certainly vary as different strains of influenza virus emerge, they are unlikely to be significant. Similarly, as multidrug-resistant variants of bacteria emerge, their UV inactivation capacity is unlikely to vary greatly.

The use of Care222 in public places is a safe and effective way to limit the spread and transmission of air-mediated microbial diseases, such as schools, hospitals, stadiums, sports grounds and offices, and this approach may help to limit seasonal infections, the spread of tuberculosis and major epidemics.

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Continuously disinfecting in occupied space but not harmful to skin and eyes of people, which could be used in dental offices, medical rooms, high-end offices, elevators, hospitals, class rooms, etc.

Care for you, Safe for you, and Protect you!

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