A new disinfection solution for public spaces with high density of people: excimer lamps generated 222nm disinfection wavelength.

Filtered KrCl 222nm excimer lamps emit UVC light with the main wavelength of 222 nm when the KrCl exciplex is deactivated to a non-excited molecule state in the lamp. This wavelength is easily and absorbed by proteins through the peptide bond and other biomolecules. That is why excimer lamps 222nm wavelength disinfection product are safe to use in occupied space with humans presented.


Through many studies, 222 nm UVC light is proven to be able to reduce microorganism counts and not pose any immediate risks or complications to patients undergoing the therapy.

For instance, as MRSA is an increasing problem in hospital environments, removal of this species using UV222 could be of high value especially in departments treating patients with compromised immune systems who easily suffer from infections.

Since aerosolized particles are exposed from all sides,they are more easily eliminated than surface-fixed bacteria and are also in closer proximity to the UV222 lamps that receive a larger dose of 222nm light.

Facing the influences of the Post-SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, it has become evident there is a need for better and more efficient disinfection techniques in areas with high density of people, moreover, these techniques require no “deportation order” to people. Therefore, in many business activities, or business occasions, this disinfecting method does not interrupt normal events.

MY LUMENS® stays in business for more than 16 years. Being inspired by conventional 254nm technology that is not good for direct disinfecting while people are presented, MY LUMENS®

Grounding an advanced product named UVpro222, MY LUMENS® has also delivered total solutions to hospitals, schools, shopping malls, gyms and other occupied occasions with people presented.


*Flexible installation

*Versatile applications


*No deportation

*NO Interruption

*Quality guaranteed

*After-sell services globallya

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