Toilets are a breeding ground for a variety of pathogenic microorganisms, and there may be a large number of E. coli, salmonella, mold, norovirus, etc., which can cause diarrhea, asthma and other diseases. MY LUMENS disinfection products, with 222nm far uvc can guard your health, even in the toilet.
MY LUMENS is committed to keeping people safe in all environments where viruses and bacteria coexist with them. There is no germ that cannot be destroyed by 222nm UVC because its DNA is destroyed. How safe is it for humans? Four years of continuous exposure is only equivalent to a 10-minute walk in the Mediterranean sun.

MY LUMENS disinfection products are equipped with the care222 technology developed by our partner Ushio, which is widely used in military, aviation, aircraft, medical and other fields.


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