Food safety is of paramount importance. Food safety is not only related to public health, but also inseparable from the social economy and food production.

In food manufacturing production, the degree of automation is getting higher and higher.

The food and drug filling process is one of the few parts of the automated filling and sealing process that are exposed to air. Contamination of food and pharmaceuticals is also often the result of this process. At present, the higher the degree of automation of the production line, still can not be separated from the operation of the maintenance personnel. To ensure food hygiene in the filling process, you cannot use sterilization methods that are harmful to people. The current process of using most sterilization tools is actually injuring a thousand enemies and damaging 800, eliminating germs and microorganisms while having harmful effects on people, other organisms or the environment.

So, is there a method or tool that is both safe for people, non-polluting, and targeted to eliminate germs?

One such good method was found in Shenzhen Chenguang Dairy Co., Ltd.

Dairy: Taking food safety to the next level

Recently, the advanced production line of Shenzhen Chenguang Dairy Co., Ltd. was equipped with another black technology to improve the safety of food processing – Mysoter 222nm far uvc.

It is a new type of sterilization equipment developed by MYSOTER, a brand of Far Ultraviolet Technology, which is equipped with Care222 technology from Japan’s top spectroscopy company, and emits pure ultraviolet light in the 222nm band. The product can be used in the presence of all people to achieve human-machine coexistence, disinfection of aerosols in the air and germs on the surface of objects, to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, including the New Coronavirus. The product is non-consumable, non-polluting, mercury-free, plug-and-play, and requires no complicated setup.

What is the disinfection principle of far-ultraviolet light?

The 200-280 nm wavelength of UV light acts inside bacteria and viruses, destroying their genetic material RNA/DNA, and no pathogens known to man are immune to UV light.

In the current environment of recurring epidemics, people have greatly strengthened their awareness of the spread of germs, especially in food and drug processing, which stands at the forefront of the safety gate and needs to pay more attention to food safety. We hope that our food safety is becoming more and more standardized and healthy, and technology is vigorously developed to bring more and more good technology.

222nm far ultraviolet products, more than the application of a new technology, more than a reflection of the country’s scientific and technological development, but means that disinfection and sterilization into a safe, convenient, all-round new era.

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