“What’s the secret weapon with remarkable bactericidal effect in the pet industry?

The answer is 222nm ultraviolet light! This cutting edge technology can quickly remove bacteria, viruses and fungi to ensure the sanitation of the pet environment. What’s more gratifying is that 222nm ultraviolet light is harmless to both humans and pets.” There is no harm to the skin and eyes. No need to worry about safety, and provide a clean and healthy environment for your pets! 🐾

Compared with 254nm ultraviolet rays, 222nm ultraviolet rays have shorter wavelengths, lower penetration ability, and cannot penetrate the skin. This means that you can use 222nm UV germicidal equipment in pet houses, veterinary clinics, and pet shops without any worries about the germs and bacteria on the air and surfaces.

The key point is that 222nm ultraviolet rays can destroy the nucleic acid structure of pathogens, weaken their biological functions, and achieve complete killing. This is very beneficial to pet health and breeding environment.

Are you still worried about your pet’s health? It is a wise decision to choose Mysoter® 222nm ultraviolet sterilization devices to let your pets enjoy the best sanitary conditions and healthy environment!

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