Imagine the bread you bake every day, only to find that it’s starting to dry out and harden. Now, there is an innovative technology that can help you solve this problem! The latest research shows that the freshness of bread can be extended by using Mysoter®222nm UV technology.

Traditional methods of bread preservation may include airtight bags, refrigeration or freezing, but these methods may not stop the bread from spoiling. Using 222nm UV technology, the bread can be quickly and safely treated to kill bacteria and microorganisms, thereby extending its freshness.

This particular wavelength of 222nm can penetrate the cell walls of bacteria and damage their nucleic acids, thereby killing them and reducing microbial growth. This UV technology is proven to have no harmful side effects on the bread, while ensuring that its quality and taste are not compromised.

By using Mysoter®222nm UV technology, bread stays soft and fresh for longer, delaying the spoilage process, resulting in less waste and cost savings. This innovative technology will be a boon for breadmakers and consumers alike, providing delicious bread with a longer shelf life.

Let us bringing Mysoter®222nm more convenience and deliciousness to our daily life! #breadpreservation#222nmfaruvc

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