The sterilization and cleaning of the cage have always been a headache for the owner. How to effectively disinfect the cage and ensure the safety of the pet?

Far UVC radiation at 222nm wavelength, is a specific type of UVC radiation that has been shown to be effective in disinfecting surfaces and air while being safe for human exposure. Unlike traditional UVC lamps which emit radiation at 254nm wavelength, Mysoter® far uvc 222 devices emit radiation at a shorter wavelength of 222nm which is less harmful to human skin and eyes, as it is unable to penetrate the outer layer of skin or the tear layer of the eye. This makes it safer to use in occupied spaces, such as hospitals, schools, and public transportation.

So it’s suggested that you could consider using Mysoter® far uvc 222 devices disinfection in a pet cage. Use Mysoter® which is specifically designed for occupied spaces disinfection. These uvc lamps are designed to emit radiation at a wavelength of 222nm and have been tested for safety and efficacy.

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