It’s important to know that pets can sometimes carry germs, even if they appear clean and healthy. Pets, like people, naturally carry bacteria and other tiny organisms elsewhere on their bodies. Some bacteria can be harmful to pets or people.

Pet food and treats are also sometimes contaminated with bacteria. These germs can easily spread onto your pet supplies, such as bowls, toys, or crates, and make your pet or family members sick. The good news is that you can help keep yourself and your pets healthy by regularly sanitizing and sanitizing pet supplies.

Mysoter® can help you very well in this regard. With the 222nm sterilization technology, Mysoter® prioritizes the safety and well-being of your furry friends and loved ones. The use of 222nm far-UVC light is a safe and effective way to sterilize pets, keeping them healthy and happy. Come and try it!

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