Irradiating with Mysoter®’s far uvc device for 10 seconds can achieve 99.978% inactivation of the new coronavirus . The test report of the Guangzhou Microbiology Laboratory shows that Mysoter® devices can effectively eliminate different types of germs.

Pathogens disappear after using 222nm far ultraviolet rays to irradiate the airborne surface of objects.200-280nm far uvc can destroy bacteria and viruses RNA/DNA, and any pathogen known to humans cannot be immune to ultraviolet rays.

The far uvc 222nm technology can effectively sterilize drug-resistant bacteria that traditional chemical agents cannot target. At the same time, it is possible that traditional chemical agents will leave harmful residues, which will cause certain harm to pets and owners.

Let Mysoter® be your best choice of sterilization solution for pets!

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