Our pets are our best friends and even members of our families. We go to great lengths while taking care of and cleaning them and we want the best for their health.
To this end, we take special care to ensure that the products we are using are clean. Although we are careful to choose good products, we can potentially have a negative effect on our friend’s health without even realizing it. Because we can overlook the contents of the cleaning products used to clean the houses in which we live together. Most of the cleaning materials available on the market contain harmful and toxic chemicals. Unfortunately, these chemicals threaten the skin、respiratory, and stomach health of our pets.

We have good news for you! The innovative technology Mysoter® 222nm device was born out of the combination of our commitment to animal health and our belief in the importance of being healthy together. Unlike traditional UVC light, which is harmful to human and animal skin and eyes, the far-UVC light of Mysoter®is safe for living beings because it cannot penetrate the outer layers of skin or eyes. The use of 222nm far-UVC light in pet sterilization is a promising technology that can help keep pets healthy and prevent the spread of disease.

Thanks to our Mysoter® far uvc 222nm device, you can ensure the clean and hygienic of your homes with peace of mind without harming the health of yourself and your pets. How happy are pet owners that they enjoy living a happy life with their healthy and well-groomed four-legged friends in their immaculate homes? If they are happy, we are happy too. As we always say: “Clean Homes, Happy Pets”

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