Livestock hygiene is a top priority for farmers, and traditional disinfection methods have often relied on harsh chemicals. But now, there’s a better way! Mysoter® 222nm UV disinfection devices emit pure 222nm far UVC light that can kill bacteria, viruses, and other harmful pathogens without damaging the environment, animals, or humans. These devices have been tested in various settings and have been proven to be safe and effective.

The use of Far-UVC devices can help reduce the risk of disease outbreaks, especially in closed animal environments such as barns, stables and poultry coops. By effectively eliminating harmful microorganisms, these devices can help livestock stay healthy and productive. Additionally, the use of Far-UVC devices can greatly reduce the use of harsh chemicals, thus minimizing the long-term damage to the environment and human health.

Beyond its effectiveness in disinfecting barns and animal housing, Mysoter® 222nm Far-UVC technology has the potential to improve livestock operations as a whole. By reducing animal disease, it can ultimately lead to higher yields, lower mortality rates and improved profitability for farmers. Furthermore, the technology’s effectiveness means that it could play a role in reducing the use of antibiotics, which has become critical as antibiotics resistance becomes a growing public health concern.

In conclusion, the use of Mysoter® 222nm UV disinfection devices has disruptive potential in the livestock industry, providing a safer, more efficient alternative to harsh disinfectants and antibiotics. Livestock farmers should take notice of this opportunity to improve the health of their animals, improve sustainability, and ultimately, increase their profits.

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