We are pleased to announce that our far uvc disinfection equipment UV-pro222B1 has been successfully installed in the factory of the largest dairy product production and sales company in Guangdng region of China. This is a successful application of FAR UVC 222nm disinfection technology in the dairy products industry and a major breakthrough in our company’s product development.

Far uvc 222nm is a new disinfection technology with many advantages, such as higher efficiency, environmental friendliness, and safety. Compared with traditional UV disinfection, the shorter wavelength of far ultraviolet 222nm more easily penetrates cell walls and kills various bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms without harming humans and animals. This makes far uvc 222nm a new trend in the field of disinfection.

Mysoter far uvc 222nm disinfection lamp equipment adopts advanced far ultraviolet 222nm technology, which can efficiently disinfect milk production lines and related equipment in the dairy factory. In practical use, Mysoter far uvc 222nm disinfection equipment has shown excellent cleaning effects and reliability, greatly improving the factory’s sanitation level.

As the largest dairy product production and sales company in Guangdong region of China, this factory is a dairy product manufacturer with advanced dairy farms and professional technical teams. The installation of Mysoter far uvc 222nm disinfection lamp equipment has provided the factory with more comprehensive and efficient disinfection protection, ensuring the hygiene and quality of milk products.

We call on more dairy product manufacturers to join the ranks of far ultraviolet disinfection lamps, using technological means to improve product safety, hygiene, and production efficiency, and provide consumers with healthier and safer dairy products. We will continue to develop innovative disinfection technologies and equipment to contribute to the development of the dairy products industry.

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