MYSOTER® UV-Pro222 product is now available for purchase at BIC CAMERA, a leading electrical mass merchandiser in Japan. This marks a significant milestone for our brand as we continue to expand our global reach.

MYSOTER’s UV-Pro222 Now Available at BIC CAMERA in Japan, a Major Milestone


We’re excited to announce that MYSOTER’s innovative UV-Pro222 product has officially arrived at BIC CAMERA, one of Japan’s largest electronics retailers! This marks a significant milestone for our brand as we gain broader recognition and acceptance for our advanced disinfection technology. Let’s celebrate and explore the remarkable benefits UV-Pro222 brings to Japanese consumers.

Leading Technology: UV-Pro222

UV-Pro222, our flagship product, utilizes advanced far-UVC 222nm technology. It effectively kills bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms in the air and on surfaces, while being safe for humans and pets. With UV light waves at 222 nanometers, UV-Pro222 rapidly creates a cleaner and healthier environment.

BIC CAMERA: Japan’s Electronics Retail Giant

BIC CAMERA is a leader in Japan’s consumer electronics market, known for its extensive product selection and excellent service. Now, MYSOTER’s UV-Pro222 product is available through BIC CAMERA, providing Japanese consumers with an advanced disinfection solution.

Entering a New Era: MYSOTER’s Collaboration with BIC CAMERA

This collaboration signifies a major milestone as we bring superior disinfection experiences to more Japanese consumers. UV-Pro222 is now accessible through BIC CAMERA’s distribution channels, making it easier for users to acquire innovative disinfection technology for their homes, offices, and public spaces.

Innovation and Excellence: MYSOTER’s Commitment

MYSOTER is committed to innovation and excellence, providing the highest level of disinfection solutions. Our product showcases cutting-edge technology and undergoes rigorous quality control, ensuring reliable performance and a lasting user experience. Our partnership with BIC CAMERA underscores our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Join Us in Celebrating

Join us in celebrating this milestone of MYSOTER’s product at BIC CAMERA! It signifies a significant achievement for our brand and motivates us to continue delivering innovative disinfection solutions to Japanese consumers. Let’s work together towards a cleaner and healthier future!

Conclusion: MYSOTER’s UV-Pro222 at BIC CAMERA in Japan

The availability of MYSOTER’s UV-Pro222 at BIC CAMERA in Japan marks a major milestone for our brand. Through our partnership, we can provide exceptional disinfection experiences to a wider audience. We extend our gratitude to BIC CAMERA and remain committed to delivering the highest level of disinfection solutions. Let’s celebrate this milestone and strive for a cleaner and healthier future together!

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