MYSOTER® 222nm Far-UVC Device: Revolutionizing UV Disinfection Technology for Harmless Sterilization

MYSOTER®: Revolutionizing UV Disinfection Technology for Harmless Sterilization


In the quest for safer and healthier environments, MYSOTER® emerges as a pioneering brand, dedicated to delivering cutting-edge UV disinfection technology. With a focus on human safety, MYSOTER® sets new standards by offering advanced solutions that harness the power of UV light for effective sterilization, without any harmful effects on individuals. This article explores the professional expertise behind MYSOTER®’s UV disinfection technology and its significant impact on creating a hygienic world.

Unleashing the Power of MYSOTER® UV Disinfection Technology:

MYSOTER® is at the forefront of UV disinfection technology, particularly in the realm of human-safe UV-C sterilization. By leveraging extensive research and development, MYSOTER® has successfully engineered devices that emit UV light at a wavelength of 222nm, proven to be highly effective in killing bacteria and viruses while remaining harmless to humans.

The Science of Safety:

MYSOTER®’s UV disinfection technology operates within the 222nm wavelength range, known as Far-UVC. This range offers a crucial advantage over traditional UV-C technology, as it is unable to penetrate the outermost layer of human skin or the eye’s cornea. Extensive testing and compliance with international safety guidelines, such as IEC 62471 and ACGIH® TLVs Safe Guideline, ensure that MYSOTER® devices are entirely safe for human exposure.

Application in Various Industries:

MYSOTER®’s UV disinfection technology finds extensive applications across a wide range of industries. In healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes, MYSOTER® devices effectively eliminate pathogens from surfaces, equipment, and even the air within minutes. These devices also prove invaluable in laboratories, research facilities, and pharmaceutical manufacturing, where maintaining sterile environments is of utmost importance. Additionally, MYSOTER® devices are increasingly adopted in public spaces, transportation, and hospitality sectors to create safer environments for customers and employees.

Advanced Features and Benefits:

MYSOTER® devices come equipped with state-of-the-art features to ensure optimal performance and user safety. The integration of patent IOT Radiation Control System, IoF and PIR sensors, and Ushio Care222 technology guarantees precision and effectiveness in sterilization processes. Furthermore, MYSOTER®’s disinfection technology is mercury-free, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly, aligning with sustainable practices and reducing environmental impact.

Building a Collaborative Partnership:

MYSOTER® invites businesses across the globe to join hands in creating cleaner, safer environments. By incorporating MYSOTER®’s technology into their operations, organizations can enhance their commitment to health and safety, gaining a competitive edge in today’s demanding market.


MYSOTER® stands as a beacon of innovation and safety, spearheading the development of UV disinfection technology that prioritizes human well-being. With its unmatched expertise and dedication to excellence, MYSOTER® continues to redefine the standards for harmless and effective sterilization. By embracing MYSOTER®’s disinfection technology, businesses can embrace a brighter future, where hygiene and safety go hand in hand.

Discover MYSOTER® today and join the movement towards a cleaner and healthier world.


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