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We Support OEM/ODM. We Care to Deliver and Craft Adaptive Services and Solutions to Our Customers to Achieve and Satisfy Their Needs.

Our Product


Small and portable, one device can sterilize the entire room with 222nm UVC. Plug and play, fixed mount/tripod mountable.


Universal panel light size without rewiring. Equipped with indirect lighting technology, the light is even and soft.


Universal downlight size without rewiring. Taking into account sterilization and lighting functions, indirect lighting technology.


No need for ceiling opening Taking into account sterilization and lighting functions, equipped with indirect lighting technology.


The built-inanti-vibration EVA layer protects the UVC module and prevents the UVCmodule from being damaged by vibration. Using aviation plug, anti-vibration and anti-loose to avoid poor contact or falling off.

Our Strategy Partners

Indirect lighting with MCPET inside technology by cooperating with Japanese Furukawa Electronics and gaining many patents and copyrights:
Supply for many big brands, like Gucci, Prada,Toyota,3M and so on.

Biological spectrum /circadian lighting technology by cooperating with Healthe&Lighting science LLC and gaining many patents and copyrights:
Develop new spectrum for NASA project

Far UVC lighting technology(222nm Care222) and grow light technology with Ushio Japan:
Supply for many fields, like medical, pharmaceuticals,Food and Beverage Manufacturing Solutions and so on.

What is Care222

Care222 is an anti-virus and bactericidal technology with excimer lamp with main wavelength of 222nm combined with special filter to filter out harmful wavelength above 230nm. Ushio developed the technology with Professor David Brenner of the University of Columbia. Its role is to provide a disinfection and bactericidal solution by emitting ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 222 nanometers to kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.

Far UVC Standards

December 30, 2021 – The ACGIH (American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists) increased the Threshold Limit Values for the amount of 222nm Far UV exposure from 23 mJ/cm² to 161 mJ/cm² for the eyes and 479 mJ/cm² for skin, or an increase of about 7 times and over 20 times, respectively, reflecting the vast amount of data showing that this wavelength of light does not penetrate the most superficial layer of the stratum corneum or tear layer.

Ushio Care222® Filtered Far UV-C Excimer

Ushio is the first company in the world to develop and practically apply excimer lamps, and is our partner for Care222® products. Ushio holds exclusive rights to utilization of the filtered far uvc 222nm technology, which was patented by Columbia University (New York, NY) in 2012. More details about Care222® technology, please watch the video.

Filtered Far UVC 222nm Technology


UV light works against microorganism which has RND/DNA such as viruses and bacteria. Also, bacteria or virus won’t be resistant agains ultraviolet light differently from drugs or chemicals. Unlike with chemical treatments or antibiotics, bacteria and viruses cannot become resistant to damage from ultraviolet light.


The 222nm wavelength used with Care222® is absorbed by dead skin layer of the stratum corneum and the upper layer of cornea of the eye, so it can not cause skin cancer or eye disease.

Care222® Filter

Care222® uses filtered krypton-chlorine (Kr-Cl) excimer lamp that produces essentially monoenergetic UV light at 222 nm and established that a wavelength window exist in the far uvc region (from 200–222 nm) that inactivates bacteria efficiently,but unlike conventional germicidal UV lamps (254 nm), which is not cytotoxic or mutagenic to mammalian cells.

Comparison of 222nm And 254nm

disinfection dose

Skin penetration contrast


Hospitals, health centers, nursing homes and other medical rehabilitation institutions

Airports, subways, high-speed trains, bus stations and other crowded transportation places

Schools, office buildings, shopping malls, gymnasiums, cinemas, restaurants and other public places

Personal space such as home and hotel

Livestock breeding base, pet and ornamental animal breeding environment

Warehouse logistics, field operations and other emergency treatment places

About Us

Established in 2006, My lumens group is an integrated solutions company for special spectrum application. Continuously providing solutions to customers, My lumens have many invention patents and utility patents, combined indirect lighting technology with special spectrum to innovate more cutting-edge and more refined technologies for human health, biomedical applications and other special spectrum applications, and continue to provide customers with different solutions in lighting way and light content.

Mysoter is the brand of My Lumens Group, which is a solution provider for the disinfection devices that equipped with Ushio’s Care222 filtered far UVC technology.

Mysoter is a global sustainability leader offering hygiene,infection prevention, health solutions and services that protect people and the resources vital to life. We deliver comprehensive science-based solutions and world-class service to advance food safety, maintain clean and safe environments,and improve operational efficiencies for customers around the world.

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Company address:Kanagawa-ken Yokosuka-city Yoshii 2-17-20,Japan

Assembly Center:Floor 7th, Block 5, Yali Industrial Park, Baoan District, 518108, Shenzhen, China

WhatsApp: +86-18123976625

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