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What is 222nm Far UVC Technology

September 22, 2023|Categories: UVC|

What is 222nm Far UVC Technology Introduction: We are thrilled to introduce you to the groundbreaking technology of 222nm Far-UVC, a game-changer in health protection. This article will delve into [...]

Safe and effective far ultraviolet sterilizer

September 22, 2023|Categories: UVC|

Far-Ultraviolet Sterilizer: A Safe and Effective Solution for Disinfection In our current world, the importance of disinfection has become more prominent than ever. With the outbreak of COVID-19, people are [...]

Outstanding Brand of Far-UVC 222nm

September 21, 2023|Categories: UVC|

Exploring Innovative Technology:  MYSOTER® Outstanding Brand of Far-UVC 222nm Introduction: In today's challenging and uncertain world, our health and safety have become paramount. MYSOTER®, as a leading technology company, is [...]

Use 222nm far UVC lights to disinfect pet hospitals

September 14, 2023|Categories: UVC|

Pioneering Pet Hospital Disinfection with Far-UVC 222nm Technology Introduction: In today's world, maintaining a clean and safe environment has become more crucial than ever. Introducing MYSOTER®, a leading provider of [...]

Why are far-UVC lights safe?

September 12, 2023|Categories: UVC|

Shedding Light On Far-UVC Safety: Human Exposure And Health Implications By a remarkable coincidence, as you embark on your quest for knowledge about far-ultraviolet (Far-UVC) safety, you have stumbled upon [...]


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