Exposed Towards Human Direct Disinfection

222nmUVC “A technology that can change the world.”

《Fortune》 Magazine

Human-Device Coexistence.

Destroy bateria’ DNA ,harmless to human.

UVC does harm to skin. But why 222nmUVC is harmless to human ?

It resulted from an scientific research that might change the world We have prepared interesting material to show you why.

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A space full of people,select the method you think it the more suitable.

It could disinfect super bateria continuely.

Devices could be installed in any place

that needs disinfect.

UVPRO222 takes few minutes to eliminate bateria

in air ,on surfaces.


1.This is not a result of any demonstration in a real room.Disinfection efficacy varies depending on usage environment and irradiation conditions

2. The time required for virus disinfection is calculated by the peak irradiance in the irradiated area

3.Reference: Buonanno, et al.Sci. Rep.10, 10285(2020)



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