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Disinfect 99.9% Of Germs In Air And Surface.

222nm far UVC disifection devices for occupied space,

disinfect all viruses and bacteria including COVID, monkeypox, MERS and more.

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UVpro222, MY LUMENS product


Small and portable, one device can sterilize the entire room with 222nm UVC. Plug and play, fixed mount/tripod mountable.

UVpro222, MY LUMENS product


Universal panel light size without rewiring. Equipped with indirect lighting technology, the light is even and soft.

UVpro222, MY LUMENS product


Universal downlight size without rewiring. Taking into account sterilization and lighting functions, indirect lighting technology.

UVpro222, MY LUMENS product


No need for ceiling opening Taking into account sterilization and lighting functions, equipped with indirect lighting technology.


Our Strategy Partner

Ushio is the first company in the world to develop and practically apply excimer lamps, and is our partner for Care222® products. Ushio holds exclusive rights to utilization of the filtered far uvc 222nm technology, which was patented by Columbia University (New York, NY) in 2012. More details about Care222® technology, please watch the video.

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Professional Service

far uv-c design

Professional in R&D

With over ten years experience of R&D, My Lumens have developed many good products and soltions to our customers, and gained the good acceptance from the market. From 2020, My Lumens started to do the research and developed the products with Care222 technology and the IOT control system. We have presented the  excellent disinfection products, and plan to develop more for different applications.

MyArtemis far UV-C Manufacturing


Quality control is key in the manufacturing. As a sino-Japan joint-venture factory, the Japanese quality control system and ISO9001 quality control system are always implemented inside, to ensure the products we producted are in good quality. we treat quality as our life!

After-Sale Service

We pay great attention to after-sales service. Good after-sales service is our guarantee for customers, is an important factor for customers to trust us continuously.We have always been willing to listen to our customers, improve our products and services, and continue to provide our customers with better solutions

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Filtered Far UVC 222nm Technology

UVC has a spectral range of 100 to 400 nm, with germicidal wavelengths in the 100-280 nm range, known as UV-C, and a peak germicidal activity of 265 nm.Single-wavelength far uvc light at 222nm generated by fltered excimer lamps, which inactivates airborne viruses without inducing biological damage in exposed human cells and tissue. Only far uvc at 222 nm, which is filtered by a special optical bandpass filter for the rest of the harmful wavelengths, is safe for humans, which it’s a new disinfecting light source. Filtered far uvc technology can be used even when people are present, allowing continuous disinfection of the air and environmental surfaces.


Mysoter is manufacturer of disinfection devices equipped with Ushio’s Care222 filtered 222nm far UVC technology. Find UVC disinfection devices.

UV light works against microorganism which has RND/DNA such as viruses and bacteria. Also, bacteria or virus won’t be resistant agains ultraviolet light differently from drugs or chemicals. Unlike with chemical treatments or antibiotics, bacteria and viruses cannot become resistant to damage from ultraviolet light.


Mysoter is manufacturer of disinfection devices equipped with Ushio’s Care222 filtered 222nm far UVC technology. Find UVC disinfection devices.

Care222® uses filtered krypton-chlorine (Kr-Cl) excimer lamp that produces essentially monoenergetic UV light at 222 nm and established that a wavelength window exist in the far uvc region (from 200–222 nm) that inactivates bacteria efficiently,but unlike conventional germicidal UV lamps (254 nm), which is not cytotoxic or mutagenic to mammalian cells.

Care222® Filter

Mysoter is manufacturer of disinfection devices equipped with Ushio’s Care222 filtered 222nm far UVC technology. Find UVC disinfection devices.

The 222nm wavelength used with Care222® is absorbed by dead skin layer of the stratum corneum and the upper layer of cornea of the eye, so it can not cause skin cancer or eye disease.

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