Far UVC Panel Light

Far UVC Panel Light Feactures

  • Ceiling installation, beautiful, do not destroy the sense of environmental design.
  • Can directly replace the original lamps, simple installation and construction, low cost.
  • Adding the LED indirect lighting function, sterilization and lighting at the same time.
  • LED indirect lighting technology is very friendly to the eyes, making the eyes less likely to fatigue.
  • Auto-running by the IOT operating system.
  • Multiple device operation can be controlled wirelessly.
Mysoter is manufacturer of disinfection devices equipped with Ushio’s Care222 filtered 222nm far UVC technology. Find UVC disinfection devices.

Standard Price

  • Low energy consumption, energy saving, eco-friendly, no noise
  • Long lifespan
  • Replace the high labour cost
  • High effect, and low cost

Exposure time with Mysoter UV Device for SARS-CoV2/COVID-19


1.This is not a result of any demonstration in a real room. Disinfection efficacy varies depending on usage environment and irradiation conditions

2. The time required for virus disinfection is calculated by the peak irradiance in the irradiated area

3.Reference: Buonanno, et al.Sci. Rep.10, 10285(2020)

4. Reference: Kitagawa, et.al (2020) DOI:https:/ldoi.org/10/1016/j.ajic.2020.08.022


Items Parameter
Input voltage / Frequency AC100~240V / 50/60Hz
External dimensions/ Installation hole dimensions (mm) 595x595x100mm/595
UV Light Sources Care222 filtered Far UV-C
Wavelength/UV intensity 222nm/2.5mW/m2(D=50mm)
Lighting mode LED lighting & UV irradiation / UV irradiation only / LED lighting only can be operated by a switch