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Leading 222nm far uvc disinfection device manufacturer


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Leading 222nm Far UVC Disinfection Manufacturer2023-11-21T02:58:28+00:00

Mysoter® 222nm Far UVC devices safe and effective protection of people’s health

MYSOTER® 222nm far uvc disinfection devicesUVpro222-B1+B2
Leading 222nm far uvc disinfection device manufacturer
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MYSOTER® 222nm Far UVC Product

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Human-safe 222nm UVC Disinfection Device

MYSOTER® 222nm Far UVC Product


Continual Disinfection


No Mercury

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Care 222®



How effective is 222nm far UVC disinfection compared with alcohol and chemical agents?2022-11-02T01:59:31+00:00

222nm far UVC disinfection is better. 222nm far-UVC is different from the sterilization principle of alcohol and chemical agents. It releases high-intensity energy against the RNA/DNA of viruses and bacteria, thereby blocking their replication and reproduction. All viruses and bacteria known to man can be eliminated by far-ultraviolet rays, and alcohol and chemicals are ineffective against some special pathogens.

Can 222nm far UVC against COVID-19?2022-11-02T03:17:19+00:00

Yes. 222nm far uvc can disinfect all viruses and bacteria known, including COVID-19. Our partner Ushio tested the ability of Care222 technology to fight against COVID-19, and the results showed that it could achieve 99.978% inactivation.

What is the disinfection principle of 222nm far UVC device?2022-11-02T03:29:12+00:00

The RNA/DNA of microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria absorb ultraviolet energy in the 200-280 nanometer band, thereby inhibiting their replication and reproduction. 222nm UVC disinfection device’s disinfection principle: continuously emits UV rays in the 222nm band, which has been proved by research institutions such as Columbia University to be harmless to the skin and eyes of humans and mammals and will not cause cancer or ultraviolet burns.

Is 222nm far UVC completely harmless to humans and animals?2022-11-02T03:33:23+00:00

It is safe and harmless to use 222nm far UVC for disinfection at a dose that meets the requirements of the specification. A series of animal and human experiments in academic institutions such as Columbia University have proved that far ultraviolet rays are safe for humans and mammals at a dose of 500mJ/cm², without causing skin cancer or cataracts. ACGIH has raised the skin exposure limit value of 222nm far-UVC to 479mJ/cm².

Where can 222nm far uvc device be applied?2022-11-02T09:36:23+00:00

222nm far uvc device can be installed in hospitals, banks, hotels, airports, subways, schools, libraries, elevators and other public areas that require continuous disinfection. MY LUMENS’ product has been used in hospitals, hotels, universities, offices, parks, coffee, and so on.

Do you know which aspects of pets need to be sterilized to ensure health and hygiene?2023-06-29T10:18:00+00:00

When it comes to keeping pets, there are a few aspects that need to be sterilized for the well-being of both the pets and their owners.
First and foremost, it is important to sterilize the pet’s living environment, such as their bedding, toys, and any surfaces they come into contact with regularly. This helps eliminate any potential bacteria, parasites, or allergens that could harm the pet or cause health issues for humans.
Additionally, it is crucial to sterilize the pet’s food and water bowls regularly. This helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and ensures that the pet’s food remains fresh and safe for consumption. Sterilizing these items also helps maintain good hygiene and reduces the risk of cross-contamination.
Furthermore, grooming tools like brushes, combs, and clippers should be sterilized to prevent the spread of any potential infections or parasites between pets. This is especially important if you have multiple pets or if your pet comes into contact with other animals regularly.
Lastly, it is highly recommended to sterilize the pet’s litter box or any areas where they eliminate waste. This helps control odors, prevents the growth of bacteria, and reduces the risk of diseases spreading.
Overall, sterilizing these aspects of keeping pets helps maintain a clean and healthy environment for both the pets and their owners, minimizing the risk of infections, diseases, and allergies.

Mysoter® 222nm technology device can solve this problem, come to try it!


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