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Professional manufacturer of far UVC disinfection devices with ODM service

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*This product unitilizes Care222® technology developed by Ushio Inc.
*Care222® is a trademark or registered trademark of Ushio Inc, and Ushio America, Inc.

●Those who are highly sensitive to light or pregnant shuold take the same measures to limit UV exposure as in daily life.
●As with any lighting fixtures, avoid looking at the light source directly with close distance,(Looking at light source directly may result in eye discomfort.)
●The threshold limit value, or TLV, of 222nm ultraviolet light that a person can be exposed to per day has been set by the ACGIH(American conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienist) and JIS Z 8812(Measuring Methods of Eye-hazardous Ultraviolet Radiation) at or below 22mJ/cm2)(up to 8 hours per day). Ensure that exposure is within this limit when installing and using Care222® devices. When using Artemis far UVC products, please follow the instruction in the manual.

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