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Professional manufacturer of far UVC disinfection devices with ODM service

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Product Introduction


*This product unitilizes Care222® technology developed by Ushio Inc.
*Care222® is a trademark or registered trademark of Ushio Inc, and Ushio America, Inc.

●Those who are highly sensitive to light or pregnant shuold take the same measures to limit UV exposure as in daily life.
●As with any lighting fixtures, avoid looking at the light source directly with close distance,(Looking at light source directly may result in eye discomfort.)
●The threshold limit value, or TLV, of 222nm ultraviolet light that a person can be exposed to per day has been set by the ACGIH(American conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienist) and JIS Z 8812(Measuring Methods of Eye-hazardous Ultraviolet Radiation) at or below 22mJ/cm2)(up to 8 hours per day). Ensure that exposure is within this limit when installing and using Care222® devices. When using Artemis far UVC products, please follow the instruction in the manual.

Product description

Artemis Lunar222 is a high-tech disinfection + lighting device equipped with Care222® module of Ushio Inc. This device could be used for irradiating disinfection in occupied spaces, Meanwhile, the special function of indirect lighting makes the environment bright when it is running for disinfection. The light looks uniform, soft, comfortable, no flicker, very less glare, with characteristic of high efficacy and energy saving.


Using special integrated structure patent design, the pure white arcuation reflect surface is wide and beautiful, the whole looks pure and high end, like the bright moon in the sky. It is matched the ceiling perfectly, which is eyes-pleasing with elegant appearance.

Product Features

Equipped with Care222®, has the disinfection function of far UVC 222nm,which could be used to sterilize for the airborne and surfaces in the occupied environment.

Equipped with the feature of indirect lighting ,which makes the light bright,uniform, comfortable,no flicker and very less glare. It’s eye-friendly.

The operation status of Care222® is controlled by IOT intelligent control module, which has the features of human body sensing , distance sensing , and timing.

Reference Application Places

Public transportation, Nursing and welfare facilities, Medical institutions, Educational institutions, commercial facilities, Offices, Restaurants, etc.


Size: 595 x 595 x 100mm

Electrical Specification

Care222® module Specification

LED light Specification