UV-Pendant222 Far UVC Sanitizing Lights

The UV-Pendant222, a cutting-edge far UVC device created by MYSOTER, boasts embedded technology alongside indirect lighting. Featuring the renowned Japan Ushio Care222® module, it emits pristine 222nm far UVC light.

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UV-Pendant222 Far UVC Sanitizing Lights

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UV-Pendant222 Far UVC Sanitizing Lights With two installation options—surface or hoisting—ceiling openings are unnecessary, catering to various ceiling types. Additionally, it offers indirect lighting capabilities, providing gentle and even illumination to prevent glare and potential health risks.

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Why choose Far UVC light

One of the primary reasons to choose far-UVC light for disinfection purposes is its ability to effectively deactivate pathogens without posing significant risks to human health.

Kills Bacteria and Viruses

Far-UVC light has the capacity to dismantle the DNA structure of both bacteria and viruses, effectively terminating them.

Harmless to people

It effectively eliminates pathogens while posing no risk to human health, as it does not have adverse effects on the skin or eyes.

Prevent spread disease

Regularly sanitizing both the air and surfaces can effectively minimize the transmission of bacteria and viruses within these spaces.

Treat skin diseases

The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities it possesses might aid in alleviating the symptoms of these ailments.

Air Purification

This enhances the quality of indoor air and diminishes the likelihood of respiratory ailments.

Air Purification

This contributes to enhancing food safety and lowering the occurrence of foodborne illnesses.

UV-Downlight222 far UVC lights

Introducing the advanced Japan Ushio Care222® module, celebrated for its state-of-the-art spectrum technology that emits pristine 222nm far UVC light.

The UV-Downlight222 Far UVC Sanitizing Lights, meticulously crafted to suit standard downlight dimensions, seamlessly replaces current lighting setups with no rewiring required.

Furthermore, it delivers soft, uniform indirect lighting, minimizing glare and mitigating potential health hazards effectively.

  • Low energy consumption

  • energy saving

  • Long lifespan

  • Replace the high labour cost

  • High effect, and low cost

  • eco-friendly, no noise

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Composition of far UVC lights

The mysoter’s Far UVC Sanitizing Lights consist of a tube filled with krypton chloride gas, known for its capacity to emit UV-C light at 222 nm when discharged. When activated, the lights induce an electrical discharge within the gas, causing it to emit UV-C light at 222 nm shortly thereafter.

A filter-free Far UVC Sanitizing Lights emits predominantly at a peak of 222 nm, with secondary wavelengths at around 235 nm and 250 nm. These extra emissions, referred to as side-bands or side-emissions, can be harmful to humans. However, the UV222 safety filter, exclusive and patented, intercepts and blocks these wavelengths before they can be emitted into the surrounding environment.

The safety filter technology infused within Ushio’s Care222 Far UVC Sanitizing Lights consists of a sleek filter crafted to specifically allow light transmission at around 222 nm while effectively blocking out all other unwanted radiation. This mechanism functions much like UV-protective sunglasses, intercepting UV radiation to hinder its passage and entry.

UV-Downlight222 Specification

Product model UV-Pendant222
Light source Krypton Chloride Excimer Lamp
Wavelength 222nm
Beam angle 64°
Input voltage AC100-240V / 50-60Hz
Power rating 25W
LED color temperature 4000K
Weight 1.45KG
Dimensions 170*157mm mm ( (opening 150mm)
Operating temperature 5-40℃
Content UV-Downlight222 far UVC device, Product Manual, Mounting Screws
germicidal ultraviolet light

Far UVC Panel Light application areas

Far UVC light is applied across various sectors for its potent germicidal properties. In healthcare, it disinfects surfaces, air, and water, reducing infections. The food industry uses UVC to sanitize packaging and processing areas. It’s also vital in water treatment and air purification systems, safeguarding against pathogens for safer environments.

Food & Beverage Processing solutions

In the food and beverage processing industry, hygiene and safety have always been one of the most important considerations. In order to ensure the quality and hygiene of products, factories must follow strict hygiene standards and regulations. MYSOTER® Far UVC technology provides a highly efficient, chemical-free, and cost-effective solution for the food and beverage processing industry to effectively reduce and eliminate bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the air and on surfaces.

Healthcare Industry solutions

In the healthcare industry, ensuring the safety and hygiene of patients and medical staff is of utmost importance. Hospitals and healthcare facilities face challenges such as cross-infection and the spread of infectious diseases. MYSOTER® Far UVC technology provides a highly efficient, chemical-free, and cost-effective solution for the healthcare industry to effectively reduce and eliminate bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the air and on surfaces.

Farm Industry solutions

In the farming industry, odor control and air quality are critical issues that must be addressed. The odors and gases generated by animal waste can have a significant impact on the health and well-being of both the animals and the workers. MYSOTER® Far UVC technology provides a highly efficient, chemical-free, and cost-effective solution for the farming industry to control odors, improve air quality, and reduce disease transmission.

Pet hospital  Industry solutions

Each lamp comes with a factory-set beam angle of either 60 or 100 degrees, and it is configured for where it is installed, to provide the most effective coverage in any given space.

Built-in sensors and software algorithms register when there are people present, measure how many there are and how close they are, and automatically turn each unit on and off as the situation and dosing thresholds may require.

Pet Store Industry solutions

This all provides an unobtrusive yet exceptionally effective way to prevent the spread of existing, known bacteria and viruses – as well as other potential sources of infection that may crop up in the future.


Far UVC lights

Mysoter, a division within My Lumens Group, is renowned for its expertise in delivering disinfection equipment integrated with Ushio’s Care222 filtered far UVC technology.

Distinguished as a frontrunner in global sustainability, Mysoter delivers holistic solutions and services in sanitation, infection control, and wellness. By protecting individuals and vital resources indispensable for life, Mysoter epitomizes a commitment to global health and well-being.