MYSOTER® - Safeguarding Your Health with 222nm Germicidal Lamp

Mysoter® Far uvc 222nm devices can greatly improve environmental hygiene by mitigating the spread of harmful pathogens in our surroundings. The technology uses a 222nm wavelength of UVC light that is harmless to humans, but deadly to bacteria and viruses. By emitting this light in public spaces, hospitals, and even our homes, we can more effectively disinfect surfaces and air, reducing the risk of infection to our communities. Importantly, far-UV light’s short wavelength means that it cannot penetrate our skin or eyes, making it much safer than traditional 254nm UV light.

Studies have shown that Mysoter® Far uvc 222nm devices can reduce the presence of harmful pathogens in the air and on surfaces by up to 99.9%, making it an incredibly powerful tool in the fight against infectious disease. In fact, many businesses and industries are already using far uvc technology to improve the cleanliness and safety of their spaces. This includes hospitals, which have implemented far uvc robots to disinfect patient rooms and operating theaters, as well as public transportation systems and offices.

While the use of Mysoter® Far uvc 222nm devices can greatly enhance other disinfection ways of effectiveness. As we continue to face new and emerging infectious diseases, it is important that we invest in the latest technologies to keep our communities safe and healthy. With its ability to kill germs quickly and thoroughly, Mysoter® far uvc 222nm device has the potential to be a game-changer in the world of environmental hygiene.

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