Ultraviolet light has been used for disinfection for over 150 years. But not everyone knows the difference between each type of germicidal UV, we will introduce you to the differences between 254nm/265nm/222nm wavelength germicidal UV. If you are interested, you can contact us to learn more about the technical knowledge of 222nm wavelength UV.

254 nm UVC— traditional mercury lamp

Effective: Deactivate bacteria and viruses;

Unsafe: Humans and mammals exposed to 254nm UVC will damage the skin and cornea, and cannot use while people are present.

No environmentally: the equipment uses mercury which is a harmful substance;

Short lifetime: The lifetime is only hundreds of hours(most of them).

265 nm UVC— LED

Effective: has a good effect on eliminating bacteria and viruses;
Unsafe: Humans and mammals exposed to 265nm UVC will damage the skin and cornea, and cannot be used in the occupied space;
Low efficiency: low external quantum efficiency, large-scale use requires more energy and severe heat generation.

222 nm UVC —Traditional Excimer Lamps

Effective: Deactivate bacteria and viruses;

Unsafe: Ozone is generated during use which will harm the human respiratory system; at the same time, UVC in other bands is generated, and the unfiltered UVC in other bands will harm the skin and cornea of humans and mammals;

Not environmentally friendly: produces ozone, a polluting gas that is harmful to the environment;

Heavy and bulky: It is not convenient to move, and it is usually used in environments such as laboratories.


222nm UVC— MYLUMENS Disinfection Devices

Effective: 222nm UVC inactivates and disinfects but is safe for human skin; The experimental result shows 222nm UVC is inactivate SARS-COVID-19 effectively.
Safely for human:222nm UVC does not cause skin and cornea damage and almost no ozone is produced;
Environmental: The production process uses harmless rare gases and does not use mercury; almost no harmful substances including ozone are produced;
Flexible: Its size is similar to a home camera, lightweight, and easy to install and move. There are also product types available in combination with lighting functions, which can be installed as quickly as home lamps.
Efficient: 100% light output in less than a second, traditional germicidal lamps only have 50% output and take a few minutes to reach 100% output.

MY LUMENS 222nm UVC Product—UVpro222

This product is equipped with Care222 technology.


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