The COVID-19 pandemic has caused more than 6 million deaths globally as of March 16, 2022. While a huge effort was, and still is, being made to develop efficient vaccines, strategies to prevent the spread of viruses are equally importantA variety of alcohol and acid-based disinfectants are used regularly in office premises and hospital areas to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Still, this process cannot be applied in drinking water and air.

That’s where the sun comes in! Join C2ST and WorldChicago host, Dr. Nimai Pathak, to learn about Dr. Pathak’s research on the process of harnessing UV light directly from the sun to kill germs.

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Care222 is a new disinfecting light source that, even though not harmful to the skin or eyes of humans or animals, deactivates bacteria and viruses in the same manner as conventional ultraviolet sanitizers.

It can be installed in a high location, such as on the ceiling, to irradiate its entire surroundings. This makes it possible to deactivate or eliminate a wide variety of viruses and bacteria both in the air and on environmental surfaces.

Care222 uses an excimer lamp (a mercury-free UV excimer light source produced by Ushio especially for outputting monochromatic ultraviolet with a primary wavelength of 222 nm) in combination with a special optical bandpass filter (200 to 230 nm) which passes only ultraviolet wavelengths that have no harmful effect on people.

My Lumens’ Artemis far UVC devices equipped with Care222 module have been used to disinfection in occuppied spaces, which help the users keep the air and surface clean.

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