Keeping pets hygienic at any time is very important for pets and owners, especially when there are pregnant women or babies at home, it is necessary to sterilize at any time to ensure health and hygiene. Mysoter® 222nm UV technology is a reliable germicidal method that keeps pets hygienic.

Mysoter® 222nm technology utilizes 222nm far UVC to effectively kill or inactivate bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. By adopting this technology in the environment where pets live, such as cat houses and dog cages, the spread of pathogens can be effectively reduced, and at the same time, the overall health of pets’ growth environment can be improved by sterilizing pet supplies.

Compared to traditional chemical disinfectants, Mysoter® 222nm UV technology requires no chemicals and avoids the generation of harmful residues. By choosing Mysoter® 222nm UV germicidal technology, you can confidently improve pet hygiene and create a cleaner environment for the health and growth of pets and owners. Protect your pets and family members from bacteria and viruses, making keeping pets safer and healthier.

Stop worrying about your pet and the hygiene it brings – let Mysoter® 222nm UV technology provide you with more peace of mind in your pet environment!

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