Wide light distribution type that can irradiate a wider range with one unit will be on sale from March 2022

Ushio, Inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President Koji Naito, hereafter Ushio) has a wider light distribution than the conventional type in the light source module that is the core of the UV technology “Care222®” for anti-virus and sterilization. We will start mass production of the new type, and will start selling it in Japan and overseas from March 2022.

Since April 2020, Ushio has been selling light source modules for built-in equipment to manufacturers of disinfectant devices, and they are installed in various products such as robots and disinfectant lamps with integrated lighting. There was a request that “I want to irradiate a wider area with one unit”. In addition, in the case of UV irradiation under manned conditions, it was necessary to control the irradiation amount by intermittent lighting, etc., in order to comply with the standard* 1 of the UV-related exposure allowable limit value. Therefore, Ushio has succeeded in widening the light distribution angle * 2by using a new ultraviolet diffusion technology . This makes it possible to diffuse light over a wider area with a single unit.

In addition, by developing a new inverter with a function that can adjust the input power, it has become possible to set constant irradiation under manned conditions even within the UV-related exposure tolerance limit value * 3 . With the addition of this lineup, it is possible to select the appropriate module according to the target situation of the final product. Going forward, we aim to contribute to the creation of a safe and secure environment with “light” for society by having more partner companies, not just Ushio, develop products equipped with “Care222®”. I will come.
 Features of Care222® light source module

1. 1. Standard type (conventional type) -Ideal for installation
in environments where there is a lot of unmanned time, applications that want to perform local sterilization in a short time, and equipment
-For installation in equipment installed on a relatively high ceiling Optimal

2. Wide light distribution type (new model this time)
-Ideal for environments that are mainly manned, applications that want to constantly disinfect, and equipment that is ideal for incorporation into
equipment-For equipment that is installed on a ceiling of general height Optimal for embedding
/ Optimal for applications that require continuous lighting * 3

* 1 ACGIH (American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists) recommends the exposure tolerance limit (TLV) for acute damage of ultraviolet radiation, and this ACGIH TLV Based on the above, the permissible values ​​of ultraviolet rays including 222 nm are stipulated by the international standards (IEC, UL, JIS) in each region.
* 2 1/2 beam angle
* 3 Intermittent lighting may be required at some installation heights.

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