The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan was founded on November 29 , 1916 (Taisho 5), and has greatly contributed to the development of lighting technology and the spread of lighting knowledge in Japan.

Since April 2022, the Lighting Society has been the Research Committee on Ultraviolet Radiation in UV-C as a research committee in the UV-C region sterilization application. A new region for Disinfection will be established . The two secretaries are from Ushio, Inc. and Toshiba Lighting & Technology. The purpose of the new establishment is as follows.

Due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection, there is increasing interest in sterilization technology using ultraviolet radiation. In the UV-C region, the use of 254 nm of mercury emission line is common, but in recent years, the use of 222 nm excimer light, which is considered to be less harmful to the human body, has begun, and its technological trends will be investigated.In addition, UV-C has a problem in measurement reliability, and it is important to understand the current situation . This committee will investigate the current status of UV-C sterilization technology and UV-C measuring instruments.

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