Ushio Inc., the worldwide leader in filtered Krypton Chloride lamp technology, has published life test data of its Care222 module. Life tests were performed on 20 production lamps for over 1 year, without any failures, and are continuing.

The tests show that the output performance of the Care222 modules is consistent over lifetime and a 30% degradation (L70) over 11,000 hours is to be expected. This gives customers confidence that the Care222 technology is the most reliable 222nm light source in the world and promises reliable disinfection results in applications for several years without lamp change.

Moreover, short-term stability of the Care222 modules is excellent, exceeding competitor products by far, and ensuring predictable and repeatable dose levels in disinfection applications.

The results underline Ushio’s leadership in 222nm technology together with its patent-protected filter and driver technology.

Note: Presented data only represent a sample of output maintenance performance and do not reflect or alter specified rated lamp life or warranty.

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As one of key partner of Ushio, My Lumens’ Artemis Far UVC Disinfection Device are equipped with filtered Care222® module, which could deactivate bacteria and viruses in occupied space but not harmful to skin and eyes of human.

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