Established in 2006, My lumens group is an integrated solutions company for special spectrum application. Continuously providing solutions to customers, My lumens have many invention patents and utility patents, combined indirect lighting technology with special spectrum to innovate more cutting-edge and more refined technologies for human health, biomedical applications and other special spectrum applications, and continue to provide customers with different solutions in lighting way and light content.

Mysoter is the brand of My Lumens Group, which is a s solution provider for the disinfection devices that equipped with Ushio’s Care222 filtered far UVC technology.Mysoter is a global sustainability leader offering hygiene,infection prevention, health solutions and services that protect people and the resources vital to life. We deliver comprehensive science-based solutions and world-class service to advance food safety, maintain clean and safe environments,and improve operational efficiencies for customers around the world.

2023, Mysoter participated in the formulation of China’s Far UV-C Standard and jointly contributed to the far ultraviolet disinfection industry.


The main business segments include human centric light business, special spectrum application business, and Care222 disinfection application business.

Human Centric Light Business—Indirect lighting

Direct lighting means the light source of lamps can be directly seen by human eyes. However, indirect lighting is achieved by reflecting a light source onto the surface of a medium, and then illuminating the surrounding environment with the reflected light. When using Indirect lighting, you cannot see the light source directly.

Special Spectrum Application Business

The special spectrum technology have been used to the application of biomedical, sterilization, air disinfection, special fresh food lighting, animal and plant growing, high-end industry and other fields.

Care222 Disinfection Application Business

Care222 is a new and one-of-a-kind disinfecting light technology that inactivates bacteria and viruses in the same manner as conventional ultraviolet sanitizers but can be used while people are present. Care222 is not a stand-alone disinfecting system but is a keycomponent in the very latest UV light disinfecting systems available.

Our Team

Boking Pang

Managing Director

Brian Brewster

Sales consultant(European Area)

Liu Yinshan

Manufacturing Director