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UV-pro222 Information

The device to disinfect in occupied place, emit pure 222nm wavelength far uvc, eliminate 99.99% of viruses and bacteria in air and surface, such as COVID-19, monkeypox, superbugs.

222nm Far UVC Technology

The 222nm wavelength UVC is harmless for human without pierce skin and eyes, do not cause burn or cancer. It’s disinfection effect and safety has been proved by dozens of scientific institutions, including Columbia university, Kobe university, etc.

Standard Price


UVpro222 features:

  • 222nm far uvc light source
  • Disinfect in occupied space
  • Eliminate 99.99% of viruses and bacteria
  • Human-safe, harmless for skin and eyes
  • No mercury
  • Eco-friendly

UVpro222  Advantage: 

  • Highly effective
  • No ozone
  • Pure 222nm far uvc
  • With patent filter
  • Plug and play


UVpro222 Specification: 

Product model UVpro222
Light source Krypton Chloride Excimer Lamp
Wavelength 222nm
Beam angle 64° (Bl) /108°(B2)
Input voltage DC24V,1A(B1)/DC12V,2A(B2)
Power rating 15W(B1)/13W(B2)
Adapter input voltage 100-240VAC  50/60Hz
Weight 1.44KG(withU-bracket) / 1.67KG(with back-bracket)
Dimensions 155mm*100mm*105mm(without bractet)
Operating temperature 5-40℃
Content UVpro222,Product Manual,Power Supply,

Bracket,Mounting Screw Accessories

UVpro222  Application: 

Hospital disinfection: Hospitals use 254nm UVC for disinfection, and there are often news that patients accidentally turn on UV lamps and cause burns. 222nm UVC sanitizes air and surfaces in the presence of doctors and patients, and UVpro222 prevents secondary infections caused by airborne viruses and bacteria.

School disinfection: Teachers have to talk a lot, viruses can spread from the air, active children are touching indoor objects every day, and there may be a lot of bacteria on them. UVpro222 stops the spread of viruses and bacteria, protecting teachers and students.

Office disinfection: The way to help people go back to the office is to eliminate the risk of infection as much as possible, installing UVpro222 would be a great employee benefit as not all employers take everyone’s health into account.

Restaurant disinfection: When people eat and drink, masks must be removed, UVpro222 prevents germs from entering when people breathe. By the way, thanks to the disinfection effect of 222nm UVC, food can have a longer shelf life.

Airport disinfection: Passengers from all over the world increase the risk of infection by unknown germs, UVpro222 helps passengers travel safely to their destination.

Train station disinfection: Disinfecting surfaces everywhere people may touch, stopping the spread of airborne bacteria and viruses and reducing the risk of accidental infections while traveling.

Mounting Accessories

U-Bracket, Adjustable Bracket will only be configured with one of them according to different models.

U Bracket is suitable for wall and ceiling installation, the angle is adjustable, and the package is already assembled with the equipment.

Adjustable Bracket is suitable for wall and ceiling installation, and the angle is adjustable. It is to add an angle adjustment bracket on the basis of Back Bracket, and the added bracket will be packaged separately.

About adpater and screws

There are adapters with interchangeable plugs in the power supply package, suitable for use in different countries and regions.

Different brackets will have different numbers of mounting screws: (expansion tube + screw)*2; or (expansion tube + screw) *4, small screw*4.

Cleaning & Maintenance

If the surface of the glass on UVC module becomes dirty, wipe it gently with water diluted using a neutral detergent and a clean soft cloth, then wipe off the water with a dry, clean soft cloth.

Safety Reminder


Do not use any flammable materials near this device.

Do not use chemicals or flammable or flammable gases (liquids) such as oxygen or hydrogen near this device, there is a risk of fire and explosion.

Do not disassemble or modify.

Disassembly or modification may result in drop, fire, electric shock or injury. Please consult your dealer for internal inspections and repair, disassembly of the device is prohibited.

Do not touch the power plug or operate the device with wet hands.

If connect or disconnect the power plug and operate the equipment with wet hands,  may cause an electric shock.


Do not cover the device with paper or cloth when using, and do not use it in confined spaces。

Covering or sealing the device can cause internal heat to build up and cause a fire or malfunction.

Do not splash water or liquids on this device

If water or liquid gets inside, it may cause fire or electric shock. In case of entry of water or liquid, please turn off the main power immediately and contact dealer.

Do not misuse or handle roughly.

Damaged cables may cause accidents such as burns or fire.

Do not use for purposes other than disinfection.

The device is used for disinfection.

If used for any other purpose, it may cause an accident.

Do not cover the distance sensor transmitter, light receiver, or human sensor with paper, cloth, or objects.

This product uses a distance sensor and a human sensor to limit management so as not to exceed the specified amount of UV rays that can be irradiated per day (22mJ/cm2). If the distance sensor and the human body sensor do not work, the exposure may exceed the allowable value of the specified ultraviolet rays for one day.

If the  glass of UVC module damage, stop using it immediately.

The glass of UVC module is very important to blocking ultraviolet rays which may have a great influence on human eyes and skin.

If use it while the glass of UVC module was broken, harmful UV rays leak out, potentially causing damage to your eyes or skin.


Do not use or store in the following places:

Places near heat sources or direct sunlight;

Places where the power supply is unstable and the power supply voltage fluctuates abnormally;

Places exposed to air containing a lot of salt and sulphur;

Places where there is vibration or shock, where the floor is uneven or unstable;

Places where strong electric fields, strong magnetic fields and high frequency devices are generated;

Places where is damp and damp places under the eaves;

Exposed to rain or wind;

Place where dust is generated (factory, platform or tunnel, etc.);

Places where corrosive gas, chlorine gas, sulfur components, etc. are generated;

Place where oil mist is generated;

Place where the ambient temperature exceeds the range of 5 to 40°C.

Do not subject the device to strong shocks or drop it

If strong shock or vibration is applied to the equipment, it may cause damage or malfunction of the equipment, resulting in a cause of personal injury.

Do not touch the glass of UVC module or place anything on it may cause malfunction or accident.

△People with light allergies

It is believed that the effects of people with photosensitivity to 222nm will be less than the effects of exposure to ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight according to the absorption characteristics of the skin’s ultraviolet rays, but for people with light allergies, long sleeves, hats, etc. please take the same measures as daily measures to prevent sunlight and UV rays.

△Give proper guidance on the use of the device

People with insufficient experience or knowledge (including children), etc., should not use this product without proper guidance.

Be careful not to allow children to play with this product.

Please keep away from plants,plants are sensitive to UV light. Depending on the type of plant, the leaves may wither and die.

After-sale Services

(1) Please submit a repair request to the local dealer where you purchased the product if quality problems that occurred within 1 year after the purchase.

(2) Please contact your local dealer when an out-of warranty product need repair. If the product can be repaired, appropriate repair fee will be charged by dealer.

(3) If you have any questions about after-sale services or repairment, you can contact your local dealer.

(4)Please keep the original packaging of the product and the proof of purchase for repairment purpose.

Disclaimer of Quality Assurance

Even within warranty period, we will charge a certain fee if there are any of the following situations:

(1)Malfunction and damage caused by misuse and improper repair or modification.

(2)Malfunction and damage caused by change of installation site, transportation, drop, etc. after purchase.

(3)Fires, earthquakes, floods, lightning strikes and other natural disasters, abnormal voltages, failures and damages caused by the use of non-specified power sources, etc.

(4)Malfunctions and damage caused by being installed into vehicles, ships, etc.

(5)Malfunctions and defects caused by improper construction.

(6)Failure and damage caused by failure to carry out inspection and maintenance in accordance with legal regulations and the instruction manual.

(7)Malfunction and damage caused by use outside the region (or country).