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Far UV-C Machines-safe and efficient disinfection

October 17, 2023|Categories: UVC|

MYSOTER® Far UV-C Machines: Safe and Efficient Instant Disinfect for High-Traffic Public Places Introduction: Maintaining proper hygiene in high-traffic public places has always been a challenge, especially during the current [...]

Far-UVC Disinfection Lamp Protecting Health

October 16, 2023|Categories: UVC|

MYSOTER® Far-UVC Disinfection Lamp: Protecting Health, Safeguarding Your Environment Introduction: In today's ever-changing world, maintaining health and safety has become paramount. Introducing our groundbreaking product, the MYSOTER® Far-UVC Disinfection Lamp. [...]

Disinfection Machines in Schools and Kindergartens

October 8, 2023|Categories: UVC|

Protect Your Children's Health: Use MYSOTER® Disinfection Machines in Schools and Kindergartens Introduction: Children are more likely to be affected by bacteria and viruses, especially in crowded environments like schools [...]


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